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Here you'll find free magic trick tutorials, articles and in-depth essays on various aspects of the art of magic. If you enjoy reading them, please share them with anyone you know who might also find them interesting.

To access some of the tutorials, you will need to answer a simple question, the answer to which is available on this website somewhere (try using the search function). I've done this to stop the idly curious from discovering secrets. However, if you are genuinely interested in learning a trick, all you need to do is spend a small amount of time searching for the answer or, in some cases, solving a simple puzzle. I promise to make your effort worthwhile. Furthermore, password protecting posts seems like the most reasonable way to prevent unnecessary exposure while, at the same time, encouraging beginners to learn, progress and grow. I hope you understand why this is necessary.

Magic Tricks

Step-by-step magic trick tutorials. Learn how to perform tricks with playing cards, coins and other everyday objects.

Sleight of Hand

Information and instruction on standard sleight of hand technique. These tutorials are aimed at beginners but may also be helpful to more experienced magicians who need a quick refresher.

Theoretical Essays

Longer articles on the theoretical and psychological aspects of conjuring. The theories, principles and techniques discussed will help you deliver more polished and powerful performances.

History of Magic

Articles on the history of magic, including biographies of some of the most prominent and important magicians of the 20th Century.