Create Magic

Learning how a magic trick works is only one aspect of being a magician. You also need to know how to write scripts, build routines, develop a performance character, and construct an act! You may even want to create your own original material. The articles in this section will help you cultivate your own creativity as a performer of the magical arts.


Information, guides and example scripts to help you write compelling presentations for your magic tricks.

Building Routines

One of the most challenging things to do as a magician is to take two or three individual tricks and string them together into a longer routine. In fact, very little has been written on the topic of turning tricks into a routine.

Creating Your Own Material

Articles on how to develop your own original tricks and routines.

Character Development

Information on developing a unique character or performance persona.

Developing an Act

How to develop an act with a common theme, or thread, running through it.